by KNova

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These sounds were hand crafted over various nights, sometimes sleep filled, and other times sleep-less. All of these tracks were written in 2012 (well, I take that back ... one of the bonus tracks was written a week before the year turned over).

See what critics have to say:

"KNova's new album is good, and you should download it and listen to it. Maybe the other way around, if you can stream it and then download it. I don't kno what website this is or how it works. But anyway, it's a good album, and I like the songs on it. To be fair, I'm Keith's friend and he asked me
to write this review, so I'd be saying I like it whether I did or not, but I do like it, or at least I'm saying I do. I listened to it earlier today. Parts of it sound like a movie soundtrack, parts of it sound like the soundtrack to the video-game adaptation of that movie, and parts of it sound like cool hip-hop beats. But they go well together, like peanut butter and jelly or Brad and Angelina, you'll wonder how they ever existed separately.

I don't know the name of the album, but I'm sure it's a cool name, like “Firebreather” if he wants to be traditional, or “B3at$$ 4
¢ReT1|\|$$$” if he's trying to be all futuristic techno FlyLo/Tune-Yards about it. Who knows? You do, you can probably see the title, but I don't. I should relisten to the album when I write this review, but I'm listening to the new Olivia Tremor Control reissues, and they're so goddamned good. Get those albums too. I think they're better than this album, but KNova will get there, and also his album is way cheaper. Maybe it's even free. I hope so, or else I look like a dick for writing that line.

Anyway, check out “In the Factory”, it's probably my favorite. Just listened to some of it, to make sure, I think it is. If you like, get the album, a lot of it is more techno-y than that, but in a fun Prodigy way, not an annoying David Guetta way. Man, fuck that guy. KNova is way cooler than David Guetta. So get his album!"
- Jack Gamber, [bad] friend of KNova.


released 16 August 2012




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